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Hi, my name is Jihee, I am a Cairns-based graphic designer. Isn’t it weird that I’ve never met most of my clients, even though I’ve been working for them for a long period? I really think that I need to introduce myself more as a person, and my philosophy as a designer, so people get to know who they work with.

I would like to introduce myself as a person. I am a loving wife, mother of a beautiful girl and two dogs that love to sleep under my desk while I work. We live at the beach on Northern Queensland. 

I love spearfishing the Great barrier reef, lying under a coconut tree and listening to the beach. I like to play Chopin with my Yamaha baby grand as well as listening to Bruno Mars. Yes to Netflix but no to TV. Yes to wine, yes to beer, YES to coffee. 

I like adventures (I travelled on a 37foot sailing yacht for 14months and crossed Australia in my van several times) and am always searching for a new one. I like tucking myself into corner of the deck and reading a book all day or sweating like a pig while hitting Muay Thai pads.


I value ‘fresh input’ highly as a graphic designer. When I go places or look at the world I always try to remember what impressed me and figure out a way to use the experience for my work, which is a very good way to learn and benchmark while you’re not tied-up with a project.


Another thing I focus on as a designer is learning. I’m a senior designer and I know what I’m doing but there is still room to grow. This is not only about learning new skills or programs. Trying a new style or learning from other designer’s work is a important too. We have an old saying in Korea says ‘water in a still pond is more likely to go bad’. I’m always looking for something out there to help me improve as a graphic designer.


The last thing, very important is being a team player. Being a true team player starts with listening and communicating. Most of my communication with clients is by email. I read carefully and understand what they want first then I start the project. Also, I like to inform my clients regularly so they know where I’m at.

I love the smell of magazines. In the 21c which is flooded with digital media but I am an editorial designer who still likes to sniff the freshly printed interior magazines in the corner of the news agency. I watch the page, rather than read and obsess with black and white lettering.

I figured that I fell in love with typography and white paper since working for The Cairns Post which is a branch of News Corp Australia. I learnt how to work as a team with industry-leading designers and photographers. My passion was always finding the good photos, designing magazine covers, laying out the pages and making them all neat. While working at the busy newsroom for many years as the lead designer on all the different projects I quickly became an editorial design junkie.

I am determined to solve problems when a project runs into an obstacle. I will find the best solution for the project by drawing on my long experience in the industry.

I prefer to work with a small number of clients so I can guarantee that all projects get the attention they require. 

I am always contactable and quick to answer. I welcome and encourage criticism on all projects, I have an easy-going personality and like to think that I’m easy to deal with.

My career started in 2002 with graduation of multimedia design at Inje University when I was scouted by the biggest TV company in South Korea, KBS.

I was interested in producing animation and documentary. I applied for a government grant to direct stop motion animation and it was a huge success. I won a couple of digital movie awards, got invited to indie movie festival and also screened on national TV. 

The fortune of my work led me into the media industry in 2002 and my career as a graphic designer had started. I have also been working on branding, advertising, marketing, editorial and various sorts of design projects since then. My wide experience in the industry has led me to a successful design career.

I’m not afraid of working in a new field. There’s always a challenge but I love that I can learn a lot from it. 

The biggest challenge of my career was being a chief designer for the News limited. When they introduced a new system for the local papers I had to go to Sydney for a workshop. I built all the templates and redesigned The Cairns Post and regional papers at the same time as helping other staff with a new program. This project was huge but the deadline was so tight I had to plan every second to get through, and the result was that the newspaper launched successfully.


This is my motto. 

It means that ‘I will take care of the project from the start till the end’. It sounds simple but it is the most important thing for the project quality. 

I take the scribble and return an attractive end product.

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