I’ve never had such a cold beer!

Yorkeys Knob Boating Club new menu advertising

I get too crazy when I start to talk about ‘FOOD’. I love food, I like to smell it and enjoy making it. That’s why I feel most satisfied when working with food. I suddenly realise that I have such a good job when I start to retouch photos, the limes look greener, prawns look redder, the food just looks better.

When I visited the club this time, I just wanted to sit back and look at the sea all day because the weather was so beautiful. The Chefs started bringing plates for the photoshoot when the warm texture of the sunshine felt a bit hotter.

The Thai beef salad got served which had the succulent side of the meat exposed on the fresh salad with grilled lime next to it, which I think is a most genius way to cook this blessed fruit. 

The big whole grilled NZ flounder, deep-fried as a whole, only served with 2 pieces of lemon wedges to keep its simple flavour. The most beautiful 2 pieces of beef medallions were served with a sauce made using sweet-sour red wine. I could feel the elegant plating style of the chef in the nicely presented field mushrooms and the grilled asparagus.

I picked pale beachy style old timber surface for the poster background to emphasise the food better and keep the beachside feel. Also, I used the thin serif font to add a modern feel on top of the natural look of the poster.

I was quite satisfied with the result of this project. I intended this design to be simple and crispy, this could only happen with the cooperation of management, which has always been one of my best clients!. I still think about that afternoon and the icy beer we had after the photoshoot and realised I’ve never had such a cold beer in my life.

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